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Thursday, July 28th, 2005
4:51 pm
Rosette looked to Chrono reading that he wanted to know if she knew this girl Aliea "umm yeah... Who sent you if you’re sent that is..." she said growing confused Sister Kate would have told me if she thought Chrono and I needed help... So this girl has to either be lying... Or someone else sent her

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Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
6:44 am
Chrno jumped, startled when Rosette came up and demaned to know who Lieraih was. He glanced to the girl, and squinted a moment, thinking. Lieraih...
"Oh!" he nearly smacked his palm to his forhead for his stupidity. "Lieraih! I... didn't recognize you at first," he bluffed. Really he'd just managed to forget. This would tend to happen to one who spent as much time with someone as insane-in-the-membrane as Rosette Christopher. He smiled. "It's good to see you."
When Aliea came running up, inquiring the group about contracts, Chrno's face slackened a bit. Today was just full of new faces, wasn't it? Her comment of the day having not been good for her made his crimson eyes narrow. This one was not one he knew -- much less a friend.
Lieraih then began to mumble about their previous knowlege of eachother, and his eyes slid to her slowly, flicking back to Aliea every few seconds. Lieraih inched her way behind him, earning her an odd look over the small demon's shoulder. What was she doing...?
Azmaria began to speak softly, and his eyes then moved to her.
Good lord, everyone was talking about different things at the same time.
Rosette demanded to know Aliea's name, and his eyes moved back to the her. In stating her name, Chrno's eyes narrowed. He wasn't sure why, but the name sounded vaguely familiar. Had he heard it before? She claimed to have been "sent" to help Rosette... a likely story. How many times had he heard something of the like?
Upon her mention of knowing Azmaria was an Apostle, he bristled slightly. That was never a good thing.
"If you were 'sent' here, as you claim," he said mildly, casually gesticulating. "Then do you mind telling us by whom? We can handle ourselves, really..." He turned to Rosette, as if to ask her opinion. Perhaps she knew something about this new individual than he did. It wasn't always best to talk when Rosette could quite easily handle herself, but he felt the need to learn more about this girl. Something about her left him uneasy.

[[ x___x I'm so sorry for being so inactive, I've been away from my computer/home and doing other things... if I do this often, please someone remember to prod me on my own journal or email me or something... I'm really sorry for holding you guys up! ]]

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Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
12:39 pm
Azmaria blinked looking at Aliea "How... how did you know that I was" she looked first to Chrono then to Rosette seeing if they could explain... anything.
Then she remembered that Rosette said she would talk to Sister Kate “Oh thank you Rosette..” she said as she started to get up to hug her but decided not to with these new people around.

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Sunday, July 17th, 2005
2:03 pm
Aliea sighed seeing she was getting nowhere with these humans. Moving her staff back up on to her wrist as it reformed in to a bracelet. “I am Aliea” she said simply “I was sent here to help the one who works with the sinner... I assume that would be you” she said gesturing to the blond “No I didn’t come here to fight... I just sensed the presence of more then I knew to be here and suspected the worse... you can never be too careful” she said dryly.
Looking to the youngest she smiled sensing what she really was “I have heard about you as well Apostle. I was as well sent here to help protect you from those who would do harm” she said simply looking back to the group as a whole “now according to what I was told… there is anther yes? A witch of sorts or of the like…?”

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12:42 pm
Rosette nodded to the girl “alright... fine... I won’t do anything unless you do” she said quickly still not trusting this girl. She turned he gaze onto the one with the weapon asking about contracts “Look the only one here with one is Chrono and I… but that gives you no reason to start attacking and yelling” she said with a smile to Azmaria who had made a similar point. “And as for you Azmaria, I’ll see what I can do about talking with Sister Kate... but... she may have a good reason why you can’t come along… but... I know you’d be safe with us” she said with a smile
“Now, can’t we all talk things over... umm...? I’m sorry I didn’t hear your name.” she asked looking back to the one in the dress

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1:18 pm
Azmaria looked around at all the people had had all came at once it seemed. "Please calm down" she said gently to the newest one "I am sure that sinner or not they have a good reason to be here... and I do not believe it is to fight.”

Azmaria sighed and looked to Chrono "I know you are right... I do not want to be yelled at... But Sister Kate said if I was to be a part of this order that I need to do field work..." she thought for a moment "maybe if I talked to her... or..." she looked to Rosette "you could...?" she asked a hopefully.
Saturday, July 16th, 2005
10:00 pm
Aliea sensed it... a sinner... But not only the one she knew to be here.. There was anther.
Moving with grace and speed unmatched by any human she ran and as she did she reformed her wings and took flight down the hall of which this presence radiated.
Moving one of her bracelets down into her hand it reformed into a long staff. Not her favored weapon but it would do. As the sinners presence grew stronger she knew she was close, landing and demising her wings she ran the rest of the way ready for what could lie ahead.
What did lie ahead was something she did not expect; Two girls as well as two sinners. "Surly you both are not under contract are you?" she asked dryly almost mockingly “Which of you is if not both then, and do be quick about it... this has not been a good day for me”

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9:49 pm
Rosette sighed as she trudge down the hall way "why do these things have to be so long?" she asked out loud in wonderment as she grew closer to where she was to meet with Chrono.
As she rounded a corner she was happy to see Chrono as well as Azmaria but there was anther girl there as well one she didn’t know. Getting to the point rather quickly, especially from the way she was acting around Chrono, "Who are you? And what business do you have here?"
10:21 pm
((Ooc: Hm, question? How did Lieraih know him beforehand? I'm just wondering, so I have something to go on. ^_^))

Sighing again at the pile of supplies for Rosette, Chrno blinked at the girl who seemed to have appeared out of thin air. He hadn't been paying attention when she'd shifted to her humanoid form, so to him she had only just shown up. Her greeting threw him off a little, he didn't recognize her at first.

Blinking carmine eyes at her, confused, Chrno was mildly relieved to see a familiar face as Azmaria slumped into the bench next to him. Turning to look at her with a quizzical look at her complaint, he smiled.

"Az, you know Father Remington and Sister Kate know best... they're only looking out for your safety. I guess you can ask Rosette if you can go, she's the final decision for this... but really. If Sister Kate doesn't want you to, it'd be best if you stayed here. Do you want to end up scolded by her all the time like Rosette is?" he chuckled.

He turned his eyes back to Lieraih, still a little wary of her. She didn't seem there to harm him or Azmaria -- if she was, she would have done it already. He stood and took a step toward her, wearing an apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry, have we met...?"

((Ooc: I really can't remember if Chrno used the nickname Rosette adopted for Azmaria... but it seemed to fit there. I apologize if it's a discrepancy. And for the time being, I'm just gonna have him play dumb on Lieraih's presence, 'cause I'm unaware of their former aquaintance. ^_^;))
8:23 pm
Azmaria came running up to Chrono panting heavily from the length of her run. She had no idea where Rosette and Satella were and she was furiously searching for the demon she had come to be friends with after him and Rosette had saved her from Ricardo and Relaie.

Just thinking about those times made her shudder. So much pain, So much fear; she didn't want such memories, but then again her entire life had been like one huge nightmare. What made it worse was because of her, she got Chrono seriously hurt when Relaie came for her. The way his body was all beaten and mangled up almost made her wish to have never met the two of them. They were too nice to her, but she wasn't about to let them down now.

A flash of purple hair in a braid caught her eye.


She pushed herself to run faster to reach him. As she studied her surroundings, she noticed Rosette hadn't arrived yet. "Chrono" She sobbed as she slid onto the bench next to him “I know Father Remington and Sister Kate don’t want me going on this mission with you but I want to go... I need to go”
She was on the verge of tears when she looked up to Chrono and only then did she notice the hawk outside the window “…wah…?” she asked blinking back tears trying not to seem weak.

OOC: I hope this is ok for a first post... I was directed here by one of the mods and was approved by Dina_Silverwolf... we e-mailed

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7:04 pm
Okay. Looks like we're good here, I think I've got everything Rosette said she needed...

Chrno counted off the items piled in front of him with an extended index finger. He dropped to a crouch, pawing his way through the pile to make sure he counted everything.

Yep, looks good...

Standing again, he grinned, one hand on his hip. Now all that was left was to wait for Rosette to show up. With a mild grin of amusement, his hand slid from his hip and he flopped onto a bench.

Waiting for Rosette may very well take longer than it did to get all this stuff assembled...

His contractor, however loveable, had always had a bit of a habit of being late. ...Not that it posed too much trouble, he just wished she'd work on her punctuality. She always seemed to hate Sister Kate's scolding, so why did she constantly do things to warrant it?

He sighed. That was Rosette Christopher for you...
Friday, July 15th, 2005
6:11 pm
Now for bringing Aliea into the works
Aliea fell from the sky and landed in a tree. "Not where I was aiming" she grumbled as she opened her wings and drifted to the ground it was only then when she noticed the people staring at her "What haven't you ever seen a girl before.. I am not a side show so scram!" she yelled as she headed off making her wings disappear in the process.

Quickly looking around at her surrounding she sighed seeing the building she was to report to just across the street. “This had better be a good reason to have sent me back here on earth” she said as she looked up to the sky. To others she seemed crazy talking to something that wasn’t there... but ohh there was something there and she was His messenger, and fighter... more or less an Angle of all trades.

She was sent here to help the Magdalene order, which meant being back on earth for the first time if nearly over... well she didn’t really know... time was told differently up there... for all she knew it had been a year or more since she was last here.

Wanting to get away from the people out side that were forming around her she quickly headed towards the large building that was the Magdalene order.

Swinging open the large doors she walked in; bare foot and clothed in nothing more then her long blue dress and gold bracelets on each wrist on one on her ankle. She was quite the scene, heads snapped to look at her, she gave them no head... she was here on business and nothing more… yet again she didn’t know who this girl was that she was to work with all she knew was that this girl had the help of a sinner already. which makes me wonder what they need My help she thought as she walked.

(Ooc: Went with some of my test post and added on from there)
5:26 pm
First post to the now active RP ^^
“Gods are said to give grace to the weak in times of hardships…”
This was something Sister Kate had once told Rosetta, and not to long ago at that. Rosetta was thinking about what she could have meant when she said that. And thinking was something she hardly ever did. Not paying head to where she was going she almost ran into a group of girls. Quickly apologizing as well as walking off she decided it best not to think about things for the time being.

“Funny how life works...some days it could be living chaos and others it's as if time halts in its steps...” Rosetta sighed as she walked down the hall way heading to where she had told Chrono to meet her. “We still need to stock up on gear... Chrono said he would do that… once that is taken care of we both need to meet up with Satella” she sighed again as she picked up the pace realizing she was running a little late.

(Ooc: OK there you go... a nice way to start... Rosetta, Chrono and Satella or off on a mission to find things out about a group of demons that has recently moved into town and causing a quite a bit of trouble... so well you can all fig out where you should be ^^)

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Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
6:42 pm
I think it's time we start
Well seeing as we have more then 2 people... I think we should start... seeing as we got the main peeps + some oc's.

Well umm yeah... Think I have to wait for the other mod to give the thumbs up... but in my mind we are over due to start...

So any ideas on where people should be?
I think It would be best if the cannon already knew each other and where “together” as in know each other... and as for the Oc’s they can find them… or the cannon can find them…. or something…
Right any other ideas are welcome and if you like this one good

So umm if you want to post go ahead and do so.... if the other mod has issues (which I doubt she will) I’ll take all the blame

Co-Mod out

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Friday, June 17th, 2005
10:28 am
username: kawree
character: satella harvenheit

The fire crackled loudly, startling Satella out of her daze, and she glared at it briefly, as if it had been at fault for doing so.  It had been a long day.  Following that magdalene girl around was harder work than that which she commissioned, and she sure as hell didn't get paid enough to follow Rosette the way she did.  Sometimes she wondered why she bothered...it wasn't like she was going to find anything that way.  Although, she had found out so much already simply by being in the girl's presence that there were times it scared her.  After all...how could one learn something from Rosette?  It just didn't make sense.  But she had, there was no denying it.  She had learned that having friends was worth more than she had been giving credit, and that demons weren't always all they were said to be.  She had learned that there was more to life than work and pasts and following them blindly, and that sometimes looking forward was better than looking backward, even if it meant turning your back to everything you had been working for.  Sometimes you had to let things go for a little while to really see them, and Rosette was the one who had taught her that.

Which still freaked her out...but that was beside the point.

She took a sip of her wine and uncrossed her ankles, glancing to the doorway when her butler, Steiner cleared his throat softly from the ingress.

"I've drawn you a bath, Ojousama," he said mildly, and Satella nodded with a smile.  A silent thank you, a wordless acknowledgement, and he was gone again.

Satella glanced at the fire again, and set her wine on the table.  Tomorrow would be another long day, she was realtively certain.  All the days were long now that she was travelling with the magdalene girl.

But somehow...even though they were that much longer, they were that much more enjoyable now that she had people to spend them with.

Rosette and Chrno had taught her that, too...  But for some reason, so long as they were there, it really wans't so scary after all.

((okay, i'm leaving for a flight like right now, so if this seems a little rushed that's why, but i wanted to get a leg-up on the audition...  i didn't do any interaction really cuz i didn't have time, so it's more just introspect...if you were looking for more, i'll be sure to post something else when i get back on tuesday!  thanks for your consideration!!!  XD))
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5:37 am

o__o not sure if I'm just supposed to... randomly post here or what. I apologize greatly if I'm going against any of your rules... but hey -- I never pass up a good roleplay oppurtunity...

LJ user name: peach_jello
the chacter you wish to be: ...ehh, I dunno if it's Kosher with you guys for a girl to play a male character, but if I'd be allowed, I'd love to play Chrno for you guys. ^_^ I've been absently searching for an RPG of this series... ::shuts up::
and a sample post:
Slouched backward in the seat, Chrno scowled out the window of the Order's car. Rosette was sleeping, and yet for one reason or another he was plagued with the inability to do so. With a sigh, he shifted once more, thinking perhaps his lack of ability to slumber was cause of an uncomfortable position. All shifting did was give the demona better view of the lamppost just outside the car window. His carmine eyes flattened and he huffed softly, leaning his shoulder on the window.
With nothing better to do, he let his eyes wander to Rosette, and he squinted. The excorcist did not look comfortable, folded up in her seat the way she was. Chrno resisted the urge to rearrange her. Waking her up would do no good -- best it might do is earn him a bump on his head -- and perhaps some peeved conversation. So instead, he settled for watching her, occasionally frowning at her position.

...not sure if this works, but I hope it does! there didn't seem to be any guidelines for the sample post, so I just... made somethin' up that sort of mildly related to aliea's post. ^^;


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Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
1:24 pm
now my Rosette post
Rosette's forehead was pressed to the steering wheel, her face pulled up in an expression of pain and annoyance, the latter due to the long shrill honk that was coming from the car horn she was pressed too. "Ugh...Someone get the number of that train that hit us...." She groaned a bit and sat back, a rather large lump on her forehead and a splitting headache, but none to worse for wear.
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Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
7:00 pm
The sending of Angel's
LJ user name aliea_skysong
name- Aliea Skysong (surprise, surprise)
description- Stand at 5 feet 3 inch, Long white/silver hair intense blue eyes, white wings with a hit of silver in them, usually wares a blue dress (like the one pictured) and if not that a mauve colored one in same stile, wares gold bracelets on both wrists as well as ankle
and a sample post-
Aliea fell from the sky and landed in a tree. "Not where I was aiming" she grumbled as she opened her wings and drifted to the ground it was only then when she noticed the people staring at her "What haven't you ever seen a girl before.. I am not a side show so scram!" she yelled as she headed off making her wings disappear in the process.

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4:40 pm
Well I'm here.. yup...
righ ok.. ummm *looks around* like I said I'm here so uhh that's it so far.. oh oh oh.. I want to be Sudina... or um... hummm Rosette.. yeah her.. but I want to be Sudina too... or well someother demon.. no know yet still working that one out....
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