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Chrno jumped, startled when Rosette came up and demaned to know who Lieraih was. He glanced to the girl, and squinted a moment, thinking. Lieraih...
"Oh!" he nearly smacked his palm to his forhead for his stupidity. "Lieraih! I... didn't recognize you at first," he bluffed. Really he'd just managed to forget. This would tend to happen to one who spent as much time with someone as insane-in-the-membrane as Rosette Christopher. He smiled. "It's good to see you."
When Aliea came running up, inquiring the group about contracts, Chrno's face slackened a bit. Today was just full of new faces, wasn't it? Her comment of the day having not been good for her made his crimson eyes narrow. This one was not one he knew -- much less a friend.
Lieraih then began to mumble about their previous knowlege of eachother, and his eyes slid to her slowly, flicking back to Aliea every few seconds. Lieraih inched her way behind him, earning her an odd look over the small demon's shoulder. What was she doing...?
Azmaria began to speak softly, and his eyes then moved to her.
Good lord, everyone was talking about different things at the same time.
Rosette demanded to know Aliea's name, and his eyes moved back to the her. In stating her name, Chrno's eyes narrowed. He wasn't sure why, but the name sounded vaguely familiar. Had he heard it before? She claimed to have been "sent" to help Rosette... a likely story. How many times had he heard something of the like?
Upon her mention of knowing Azmaria was an Apostle, he bristled slightly. That was never a good thing.
"If you were 'sent' here, as you claim," he said mildly, casually gesticulating. "Then do you mind telling us by whom? We can handle ourselves, really..." He turned to Rosette, as if to ask her opinion. Perhaps she knew something about this new individual than he did. It wasn't always best to talk when Rosette could quite easily handle herself, but he felt the need to learn more about this girl. Something about her left him uneasy.

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