Kaijuu (peach_jello) wrote in magdalene_order,

o__o not sure if I'm just supposed to... randomly post here or what. I apologize greatly if I'm going against any of your rules... but hey -- I never pass up a good roleplay oppurtunity...

LJ user name: peach_jello
the chacter you wish to be: ...ehh, I dunno if it's Kosher with you guys for a girl to play a male character, but if I'd be allowed, I'd love to play Chrno for you guys. ^_^ I've been absently searching for an RPG of this series... ::shuts up::
and a sample post:
Slouched backward in the seat, Chrno scowled out the window of the Order's car. Rosette was sleeping, and yet for one reason or another he was plagued with the inability to do so. With a sigh, he shifted once more, thinking perhaps his lack of ability to slumber was cause of an uncomfortable position. All shifting did was give the demona better view of the lamppost just outside the car window. His carmine eyes flattened and he huffed softly, leaning his shoulder on the window.
With nothing better to do, he let his eyes wander to Rosette, and he squinted. The excorcist did not look comfortable, folded up in her seat the way she was. Chrno resisted the urge to rearrange her. Waking her up would do no good -- best it might do is earn him a bump on his head -- and perhaps some peeved conversation. So instead, he settled for watching her, occasionally frowning at her position.

...not sure if this works, but I hope it does! there didn't seem to be any guidelines for the sample post, so I just... made somethin' up that sort of mildly related to aliea's post. ^^;


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